How to burn code to the Pure Digital modules using the Arduino IDE.

Quick video of how to upload the code to a GMSN! Open Source Pure Digital module once it’s been built. This is for the GMSN! Pure Sequencer, Pure ADSR and Pure Quantiser.

The modules are all built on the same ATMEGA chip as the Arduino, so that means you can use the software from the Arduino site to develop and upload the code onto the Pure Modules. If you’ve ever used an Arduino you’ll know that you can plug a USB cable straight into a computer to upload the code, however with the GMSN! modules, there’s a little header which you plug an uploader into it.

If you look at the Arduino software, under Tools>Programmer, there’s a list of programmers that can be used. In the video I use a USBasp, which plugs into the USB on the computer and into the 6 pin header on the module.

Once connected, the first thing to do is to burn the bootloader, under the Tools menu. This is a critical step as without it the module will still work, but the clock speed will be too fast. If the module seems to be too quick, then you might have missed this step. 

Next is to select Sketch>Upload Using Programmer. The sketch will compile, and upload the code to the module. Once the module has power, the module will start working correctly.

That’s all there is to it :)

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