How to order PCBs

It's incredibly easy to order PCBs from the GMSN! design files. This step by step will guide you through the process of ordering PCBs for the Pure VCA, a great first time module to practice SMD soldering, but also a great utility which will be in every patch you make.

1) Download Eagle:

2) Download the Eagle Schematic and PCB files from GMSN!:

3) Download the GMSN! Eagle CAM Job:

3) Follow this tutorial to create Gerber files using the CAM job above:

4) Zip up Gerbers

5) Go to and use the settings in the screenshot:

PCBWay settings

Note: the size I've put in is for the LFO, VCA, Noise and Sample and Hold. Also it's the same price for 5 or 10 PCBs, then you can either sell or swap the spares, after you've nailed SMD soldering 🙂

If you've got any questions or like to do things slightly differently? Let us know in the comments... 



  • Rob Spencer

    @feed back100p – VCO PCB is 100×74. This can also be found from the Eagle .brd file. The board outline is on the Dimensions layer :)

  • Rob Spencer

    @khaled – VCF BoM and Mouser cart now added –

  • feed backl00p

    HI, what PCB size needs to be ordered for the VCO?

  • Khaled

    I ordered PCBs for VCO, VCA, LFO, ADSR, and VCF.
    Will you still be adding BoM for the VCF? I just realized I will not be able to complete it without the bill of materials.
    Thanks for your dedication, very much appreciated!

  • Johnette

    Keep on writing and chniggug away!

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