The Pure Modular Concept

The Pure Modular Concept

A power sound design and performance tool aimed at creative professionals looking to make the leap to eurorack modular synthesis.

The idea behind the GMSN! Pure Modular is to provide beginners with the fundamental building blocks of modular synthesis. There are loads of modules on the market today with a whole host of functionality packed into a very small space, which are really cool, however it makes it difficult to understand what is actually happening underneath. It’s easy to purchase a modular rig and end up twiddling knobs, but without a solid foundation it’s impossible to progress to deeper patch strategies. Each module in the range performs a simple function, either sound source, filter, volume shaper, etc. This makes it very easy to learn the principles of subtractive synthesis and also provides extremely powerful tools to explore non-traditional forms of music and sound design.

Creative professionals should check out the GMSN! Primer for more information on getting started with Modular Synthesis.

For about 10 years there has been a massive drive within schools focusing on Science, Technology, Languages and Maths, while Art and Music are left to play second fiddle. Even in the wider world artists and creative people are seen as a financial burden on society, even though they contribute to the culture that makes living in the modern age so interesting. Once the business day is done, any highflying banker or CEO of a global organisation will stick on some music to relax or jump on a plane to see the opera in Verona. They will spend their time immersing themselves in culture. That’s not to say business and technology don’t have a part to play. Without these things we wouldn’t have the ability to make or disseminate many elements of modern culture. Without the acumen of the business world we wouldn’t have the large technology companies or investors willing to bet on the next big thing. There is a symbiotic relationship that is so often overlooked.

It’s this relationship between Science, Technology and the Arts which the Pure Modular highlights. The synthesiser comes fully completed, but is also available in kit form so can be built from scratch. The kits come with all the components required including power supply and case, together with full colour, step-by-step instructions. The goal is for educational establishments to build a community of engineers and musicians and run inter-department projects. Science and technology students would learn how to solder and build electronic devices, including testing and calibration, before sharing the finished products with music students. After learning sound design and subtractive synthesis, the musicians would lay on a concert of modular music. Being part of this multi-discipline community will provide strong experiential learning.

It is the children and young adults of today, who will solve the big problems in society. By giving them this sharing experience they will gain the insight needed to tackle the challenges ahead of them and break free from the tit for tat policies we see between business and the arts. They will also be learning new forms of music creation and performance, while have fun playing with modular synths in the meantime!