About us

Welcome to GMSN! We've come along way since our humble beginnings as a Synth DIY workshop. We're now a fully fledged UK based Eurorack manufacturer, serving customers around the world from our small workshop in Glasgow, Scotland.

Everything is hand-built on-site and we utilise the latest technologies in web design, product design and manufacturing processes such as Kaizen and One Piece Flow. The current trend in personal manufacturing is fully embraced, making use of Open Source hardware, building our own CNC and Panel Printing Machines. Materials and components are purchased as close to source as possible.

All these things help us to keep prices low and help to achieve the goal of making modular synthesis accessible to all.

Please note that due to our lean manufacturing processes, we hold just enough stock to handle normal demand. During busy times we may need to build modules and cases to order, this usually takes 2-3 days.

Lastly, while I do have some people helping out as volunteers, it's usually just me running the show, so while I might not be able to respond straight away, I will get round to it as soon as I can.

Kind regards,