Glasgow, Make Some Noise! AV Tech MakerLab

Glasgow Make Some Noise! runs a weekly workshop aimed at creative professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills, in areas such as modular and video synthesisers,  analogue, digital and embedded electronics, as well as software such as Jitter, MaxMSP, Ableton, Adobe Creative Suite and Autocad. We also use coding platforms such as Arduino, C, CSound, PureData and SuperCollider.

The workshops are run by Rob Spencer, an engineer with over 20 years electronics and IT experience, and Jason Lim, who studied at Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts. He has a wealth of music theory experience and knowledge and is always on hand to answer any questions.

The MainRoom has a performance space with PA, Projection Screen and mixing desk where members are free to develop, practice and refine performances. The Workshop has a wide selection of test equipment, including oscilloscopes, logic analysers, multimeters, module testers plus microcontroller and microprocessor programmers. There’s also a shop selling a wide range of electronic components including resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, potentiometers, jacks and cables. The ToolRoom contains a CNC machine, pillar drill and grinder for metal work as well as a precision woodwork bench with table saw and router.

Our members include musicians, producers, university lectures, sound engineers, technicians, electronics experts and mechanical engineers who have a huge breadth of knowledge and experience in technology and the performing arts.

GMSN! is based at Shoogle Studios, home of Soma Skool run by DJ, producer and Ableton Certified Trainer Simon Stokes. This partnership brings together the digital side of music production of Ableton with the tactical side of music performance with modular synthesisers and studio hardware.

Also on site is Soma Skool and UWS lecturer Robert Goldie, whose experience and knowledge with Cycling 74’s Max brings an additional dimension of musical and visual creativity.

We really hope this will create an environment where our community can flourish and give our members the opportunity to develop whatever creative or technical skills they wish.

The workshops run from 1100 to 1700 every Saturday, entry £10. We are also onsite during the week for private consultation.