The GMSN! Pure ADSR module is used to create CV envelope, which can be patched into other eurorack modules to control pitch, filter cutoff and volume. These are either triggered externally or manually via the trigger button.

There are three envelope modes to choose from:

  • ADSR – Once triggered the envelope goes through all 4 stages: Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release
  • AR – The envelope will go straight into the Release phase as soon as Attack is completed. Great for drum synthesis
  • Trap Mode – This is a looping trapezoidal envelope with 4 stages: Attack, On, Release, Off. This can be retriggered externally or via the trigger button and can be used to create looping LFO shapes.

Checkout the Ask.Audio review of the Pure Modular for more info and sample audio.

Module Specifications:
Output Voltage: 0 – 10v
Width: 8HP
Depth: 22mm
Power: 30mA 12v; 4mA -12v

Open Source Documentation:
Eagle Files
Illustrator Panel Artwork
Panel Outlines.dxf
Bill of Materials
Mouser BoM
GMSN! Pure ADSR Arduino Sketch
Build Doc