The GMSN! Pure LFO is a real workhorse module. The sine, triangle and square outputs can be used as a control voltage, clock source or patched into the audio path for bass or drum synthesis.

The Range switch is used to toggle between the two frequency ranges:

  • Low: 0.1Hz – 41Hz
  • High: 39Hz – 1.2kHz

Checkout the Ask.Audio review of the Pure Modular for more info and sample audio.

Module Specifications:
Output Voltage: -5V to 5V
Width: 4HP
Depth: 22mm
Power: 7mA 12v; 5mA -12v


Open Source Documentation:
Eagle Files
Illustrator Panel Artwork
Panel Outlines.dxf
Bill of Materials
Mouser BoM
Testing and Calibration Video
Build Doc