GMSN! Pure Power Strip



The Pure Power Strip is a very powerful Eurorack power supply module. It supplies -12V and 5V at 1.7A and also has a host of protection features, ensuring your rig and modules stays safe.

  • Input under voltage protection
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • LED identification for each rail
  • Meets CISPR22/EN55022 CLASS A, UL60950 , EN60950 and IEC60950

There are 12 onboard 16 pin IDC connectors for connection to modules and a 2 pin screw terminal for connecting to the optional power panel, together with LED indicators for all 3 voltages.

Power should be supplied via a standard DC wall wart, between 12V and 36V. If you are supplying one strip, then it should be rated at 2A, and for two strips, rated at 4A. Something like the LE DC 12V 2A Power Supply would be ideal.

Please note this is aimed at people making their own cases. You will need to wire the power strip to a suitable DC socket for the above DC wall wart. This can either be done to a panel or through side of the case.

    Nice, simple. Pure Power.


    The Pure Power has been tested and works fine with the Make Noise Rene.

    Module Specifications:
    Output Voltage: 12v, -12v, 5v
    Power: 834mA 12v & 5v combined; 834mA -12v. The 5v rails draws from the 12v rail. DImensions: 265 x 35mm

    Open Source Documentation:
    Eagle Files
    Bill of Materials
    Mouser BoM