GMSN! Pure Noise Eurorack Module
GMSN! Pure Noise Eurorack Module

GMSN! Pure Noise Eurorack Module

The GMSN! Pure Noise outputs 4 different colours of noise: Pink, White, Red, Brown.

Each colour colour occupies a different area of the frequency spectrum and can be used for different effects:

  • White noise is flat across the whole audio spectrum and is good for snares, the classic techno noise sweeps and for sculpting windy types of sounds
  • Blue is high pitched and is good for synthesising hi hats.
  • Pink noise has the same amount of energy in every octave and is often used as a reference signal
  • Brown is a low frequency brownian motion. When paired with a Sample and Hold module, this can give a good random walk bassline.

Module Specifications:
Width: 4HP
Depth: 22mm
Power: 7mA +12v; 5mA -12v/p>

Open Source Documentation:
Schematic PDF
Eagle Schematic
Eagle PCB
Illustrator Panel Artwork
Panel Outlines.dxf
Bill of Materials
Mouser BoM

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