GMSN! Pure Sequencer Eurorack Module
GMSN! Pure Sequencer Eurorack Module

GMSN! Pure Sequencer Eurorack Module

The GMSN! Pure Sequencer is used for creating melodies, hooks and riffs. The 8 sliders set the note to be played, which can be played in turn, randomly or pendulum (forward, then reverse, then forward, etc). Each step also has a gate out, which could be used to trigger drums or notes on specific beats.

The module can be in run mode, or in pause. In pause mode each step can be selected and adjusted. There is also control over the speed, which can also be controlled by an external CV clock, and a slew control. The range of the sliders can be selected to either 2 or 8 octaves.

The design is based on the same chip used in the Arduino Uno, which means the same code, libraries and IDE can be used.

Module Specifications:
Width: 24HP
Depth: 22mm
Power: 50mA +12v; 20mA -12v

Open Source Documentation:
Schematic PDF
Eagle Schematic
Eagle PCB
Illustrator Panel Artwork
Panel Outlines.dxf
Bill of Materials
Mouser BoM
GMSN! Pure Sequencer Arduino Sketch

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