GMSN! Pure VCF Eurorack Module
GMSN! Pure VCF Eurorack Module

GMSN! Pure VCF Eurorack Module

The GMSN! Pure VCF is used to filter two incoming audio signals. This can be done manually using the cutoff knob or automatically using control voltages. There is also a feedback knob controlling the resonance. This causes an amplification of the signal at the cutoff frequency, giving the classic squelchy acid sounds. The feedback can also make the filter self oscillate providing a very clean sine wave output, with temperature compensation. This sine wave can be calibrated to 1 volt per octave.

Module Specifications:
Width: 8HP
Depth: 22mm
Power: 16mA +12v; 13mA -12v

Open Source Documentation:
Schematic PDF
Eagle Schematic
Eagle PCB
Illustrator Panel Artwork
Panel Outlines.dxf
Bill of Materials
Mouser BoM

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